Tuesday, March 17, 2015


It is  finally about to happen. Three months from now we will be leaving London after spending nearly four years here. I know M would have preferred to stay here a few more years but I definitely feel ready for going back. It will be a whole new life as things have changed a lot with little A and there are lot more changes coming up in the near future. I wouldn't say that I never want to come back but if that happens it has to be on other terms than we are now. We have been extremely lucky to get help and support from our family otherwise we wouldn't have managed to stay as long as we did. 

I have learnt a lot from this some of it is that having children is never easy but having them abroad is even harder, especially as London is a difficult place to have children in if you don't have a husband that can support you. I'm really happy to have one that spends time with his child and I would much rather split the chores as we have done than be a stay at home mom aka 'single mom'. Although I often envy my friends that travel and buy clothes all the time I rather want to live without and spend more time as a family. Although I must admit I miss travelling and this year we are only going on a road trip back home so no traveling for me. Clothes have to wait a bit although I'm fine with that now and now that this Autumn I want to get a new wardrobe. 

I went into River Island today and found a pair of ripped jeans I have looked at, marked down to £25, but somehow I only ended up paying £15 for them. Instead I splurged out on outfits to little A. I still think her age clotheswise is more Zara but they have a lot of cute stuff in River island mini. Maybe next year she will be ready for their leather jacket.

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