Tuesday, April 21, 2015


I have wanted to go to Kew Gardens for a long time but finally managed to go last weekend. Although it is a bit pricey to go I would recommend it to everyone as it is such a pretty place. I actually might go there again soon as one of my friends have a membership pass to go there. Even getting off the tube at Kew Gardens feels like being miles away from central London. It feels a bit like Hampstead, but without the hills. It is a huge place so there is plenty to do and see if you go there more than once. I especially liked the three walk which is a wooden bridge hanging onto the trees at the top of the trees. Little A is not afraid of heights and also loved the views. She has also learnt to say fish and a "fugl" which is bird in Danish so she is already started to mix the languages in a funny way.

We had brought our own lunch and had a picnic in the park while little A took a nap. I'm really happy to have a baby that sleeps well and needs her daytime nap so I get to enjoy the good weather with a magazine on a blanket in the sun. It's been a warm spring now for more than two weeks and I could really get used to being without work enjoying my time with little A at this time of the year. After our day in Kew Gardens we ended up at Starbucks and I had my favorite caramel Frappucino.

I'm wearing Gestuz jacket (a gift from my mother in law; more of these please), Maje trousers (that I bought from a friend), Nike thea shoes and Ray Ban sunglasses.

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