Monday, April 6, 2015


It has been some busy weeks with me being back in Denmark and little A being sick, but she finally seems to have recovered. I spent Easter in Colchester which is a nice little town less than an hour away from London. I would have preferred to go to Oxford or Cambridge but we found a good deal on a B&B in Colchester and have never really been East so now was the time to go before we head back for good. The B&B we stayed on had river views and the building dated back to 1600. The rate we had was including breakfast and you can find it here. We spent our evenings at a thai restaurant and a vietnamese restaurant and everything is so much cheaper than in London. Think we paid £30 for drinks, starters and a main course which would only get us mains in London. We also managed to do a bit of shopping for little A. She is not even two and loves looking at shoes and even more getting a new pair of shoes. Even months after getting her a new pair of shoes she can still get excited about wearing them. I wonder where she gets that from.

Besides from shopping for things for little A I also managed to find something for our flat back home. They had a nice market which had a bit of interior and it feels great finally being able to buy something for a place we would be staying in for a while. 

This will probably be one of our last trips around the UK, at least while we still live here. It is not really the same travelling around other towns in Denmark. There is still things to see back home, but I love the fact that you can always visit new towns or cities or go back to the ones you like. Denmark is a small country so you don't always have that feeling when travelling around. I guess we would have to get used to that or as I always do when I live back home, visit other countries instead. 

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