Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Easter already feels ages away, but some of the days I spent in my usual favorite park; Holland Park. The weather was great, but it is now even better with sun and up to 25 degress so last weekend feels like winter compared to this. It is officially a 'Get your legs out day' according to the British and I noticed that this morning when I walked by the most British package holiday kind of couple. They were ready to go down to the beach it looked like while I was still wearing my black coat. But I guess you have to take as much advantage of the sun as you can over here because you never know when it will disappear again.

Little A is enjoying herself running around as much as she can and I sometimes wished I had as much energy as her. One thing I look forward to when I move back home is that she can spend a few more hours and days in nursery. At least she can burn a bit of energy of there. I will, however, miss a lot about London. It is suddenly becoming clear that I have to leave this great city after nearly four years of living here and there is still so much I want to do and see. So the next few weekends will be packed with things to do. This weekend we spent all Saturday in Kew Gardens and Sunday in Primrose Hill. Pictures will follow soon. Until then I will enjoy the sun in Holland Park in my favorite part of London.

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