Sunday, April 26, 2015


Here is a few more photos from my trip to Kew Gardens around two weeks ago. Since then the weather has been fantastic and it just started being colder and a bit unsettled this weekend which I really can't get used to. The past week little A and I have spent every single day in a park. Tuesday we were in Holland Park for six hours! We met with one of little A's good friends and another little girl. It is great now that even though there are 4-5 months between them they play very well together. Wednesday I went to Bishops's park in Fulham and met with another of little A's friends and one of her friends. Thursday we went to Brook Green and Friday again to Holland Park.

Yesterday I went to a friend's birthday party in Clapham and had the best food ever. She is also Danish and even being ten girls together we still managed to be four other Danes. I love meeting new people, but it is also nice that so many of us can be gathered over here and that makes it a bit more homely.

Speaking about home, there is today 7 weeks until we are leaving London for now (not for good). As it is getting so close part of me don't want to go back. I love that every day when I'm out I meet at least one person I know. I know that might happen back home as well, but my network of new people here is growing bigger and bigger whereas it is the opposite back home. I know that it will probably come with time, but so much has happened the last 3.5 years that I can not imagine going back to what we used to have, but instead I have to prepare myself for it now being completely different. Everyone asks me if I'm moving back for good now and although I have now experienced how a family life could be in another country I know that having children back home might make more sense. I also think that in a few years it would be ideal to go out and see the world again. Perhaps not London, but the UK is definitely a second home for me so perhaps somewhere here or somewhere completely different. Only time will tell..

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