Friday, May 29, 2015


Little A had her 2nd birthday party in Holland Park yesterday and it was just as got as last year, if not better. We managed to be twice as many people as last year, but our network over here also grows and grows. It managed to stay dry for the first hour, but luckily it was only light rain so we took shelter underneath a tree and the children didn't care so they ran and played in the rain. I managed to only see little A for a minute or two, but it was just great to have time to speak to my friends for once. Instead all the dads were busy chasing the boys and little A around. We had managed to get most of our supplies from Denmark and even some licorice from Germany. M's cousin was also over from Denmark to help.

Even when we move back to Denmark I would prefer to have little A's future birthday parties in the park as it is much easier. We managed to find a shopping trolley on the way to the park and had all the food in that so it was easy to move underneath the tree when it started raining. Our guests didn't eat as much as we would have liked but at least we had plenty of leftovers for the evening and day after. The most important thing was that little A enjoyed herself so much that even after four full hours of playing with her friends she didn't want to go home.

I completely forgot to take any photos with me in it, but thought it would be good for the future to look at how big I was (or feel!) now being six months pregnant second time round. I have grown a lot over the last few weeks and can't wait to be back to my old self again. I have realised now that I probably can't run anymore due to my pelvic girdle pain but can luckily still go on the cross trainer. Can't wait to I will have an appetite again and can eat food without being sick. Only 15 weeks to go..

I'm wearing new dress from Zara (still x-small) and little A is wearing Farmors værk.

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