Friday, May 1, 2015


My friend told me about this cooking book that she just got and she made me some really deliciously food from it. I had the other book 'I quit sugar for life' for a while now but needed a bit more healthy options and 'Deliciously Ella' definitely has that. Both main mails, smoothies and desserts look so good and it doesn't look like you need too many extra ingredients compared to what you already got. Dates and coconut oil is a must and chia and quinoa as well, but if you got that you can pretty much make everything. 

My plan is to make something new every week. Also, little A has already approved the photos of the healthy ice cream, of course without any sugar. A lot of the desserts include maple syrup and raw honey, so I might need to stock up on that as well. I didn't think that maple syrup was that good for you but if you choose one which only contains maple syrup it should be fine. I have a feeling all this will be much more more expensive in Denmark so planning on getting it on Amazon and stocking up.

I have lived a bit unhealthy for the last few months all due to this terrible nauseousness I had for more than 100 days in a row. So I haven't been able to drink any tea, smoothies or eat too much fruit without feeling sick. Although I have never been too much of a fan of cake I have always been a fan of licorice and have probably eaten a bit too much of that compared to what I normally do. It is finally changing a tiny bit, so I have had my first smoothie and cup of tea without feeling too terrible. Still I can't have whatever I want but my new favorite dessert is chia pudding and I will have a bit of that over the next while. My plan is to not cut sugar out entirely because it is sometimes so difficult to avoid and last time I did I had the worst migraines ever whenever I had the tiniest bit of sugar. It is a bit scary what sugar does to you. That's why I will try to keep little A away from it as much as possible as long as I can. 

This weekend is bank holiday weekend so I have a movie date with a friend and I think we will start out by going to one of my favorite eating places in Chelsea which is Jak's. Next week will be busy with visitors from back home and that is how the most of this month will look like. Followed by the month after before the plan is to move back home (and again it will be moving home for now and not for good). 

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