Friday, June 5, 2015


I have now suffered from extreme nausea most of 2015 and I had enough now. At least I only have around 90 days to go, but it is already 90 days too much. On top of that it is getting difficult to walk so I'm a bit limited in meeting friends around London so in a way it is a good thing we only have around a week left. Little A and I have been busy seeing all our friends with children and I think both her and me will miss meeting up in all the pretty parks here in London. I hope we will find the same sort of people to meet up with for play dates back home. It is great to always meet new people when I meet my friends over here, they always bring a new friend with them.

This week we also said goodbye to the nursery and I think they will all miss little A. They had brought cake and although little A doesn't eat any sugar she was allowed just this once and I have never seen her run as much as she did after eating that cake. Luckily the nursery wanted to keep her there for the afternoon so she could burn of some energy, but I'm glad I don't usually give her sugar as I don't have all the energy to run after her.

Last weekend we spent in Battersea zoo which is a tiny pet zoo. One time is enough time to see everything there, but it was a nice weekend to end off our time as a family here in London. On Tuesday I also managed to meet up with all my Danish friends here. It is so difficult to meet up as we are all so busy and I think they last time we managed to all meet up was more than a year ago. I have always been so busy with seeing friends when I'm back home in Denmark, but now the table has turned a bit and whenever I come to London in the future I will be so busy with trying to see all my friends here. Ten years of living abroad has not stopped me from not moving abroad again. I'm sure we will only stay a few years in Denmark before moving out again. At least it is always good to have your home to come home to and all the advantages of being from Scandinavia.

I'm wearing scarf Gestuz, leather jacket Muubaa, leggings Zara, shoes New Balance and sunglasses Rayban. 

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