Monday, June 8, 2015


I can't believe that in less than a week I will no longer be living in London. The past few months I have been looking forward to that day but the closer it gets, the less I'm looking forward to it. Why is it that you never appreciate what you have until it's gone? At least that's something that often seems to be the norm for me, I'm not good at appreciating living in the country I'm in. For 15 years it has been like that, straight after I turned 18 and was ready to see the world. I have lived abroad for nearly ten out of those years and I have always missed what I didn't have. When I lived in the US I missed the fact of being able to walk and cycle everywhere and that my friends and family were so far away. As soon as I got back I missed all my friends and 'family' there and the fact that getting around in your car was so easy. It's kind of the same when I had little A and had a tough couple of months, I don't think I enjoyed my time as much as I should have. This time I'm hoping to learn from that mistake and also appreciate all the things back home I missed when I lived in London.

Today I went into work and met my old work colleagues and it was actually great to see them all again. One thing I know for sure I won't miss is how little space you have in offices over here. Even being in there for just ten minutes or so felt crammed so really happy that I don't get to sit there anymore. Hearing about one of my previous colleagues having travelled to many of their new offices in the US doing the training I used to do made me get a bit jealous, but that is also one of the only things I missed about that job besides from my colleagues.

I can't wait to start a new life but I will also be missing my time in London and always think back on it as this is also the home town of little A. Hopefully her younger brother will be just as lucky as her being able to speak fluent English before turning 2 and living abroad, experiencing the different cultures.

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