Friday, July 31, 2015


I have now been back for nearly two months and it still doesn't feel like home yet. Today I will finally move into my flat which might help a bit on feeling at home. Although it has been a few extremely hectic months I have managed to enjoy the sunshine and the beaches a little bit. One of my favorite beaches is undergoing a major change so have had to look elsewhere and since Rungsted Kyst is the closest one I have managed to go there a bit. I always enjoy the beaches deserted and the last time I went there it was nearly only us there. It almost felt like being in Greece besides from the cold wind and the chilly ocean. But the water was crystal clear and the sand was white.

In between all the hospital appointments I have had I also managed to go to a really nice cafe on Amager called Wulff & Konstali. A little pricey, but their food is definitely worth it. Everything there is organic so next time I go I will have to buy some of their delicious bread as well. Yesterday I went to visit some friends and stayed in their summerhouse where we had spareribs and local organic potatoes. That's one thing I like about being back home, that you can find organic food nearly everywhere. What I don't enjoy so much and notice several times a day after moving back is the closeness of the Danes compared to the British. I have become so used to smiling to people and thanking people that you either pass on the street, hold the door for in the lift etc. If you do the same here people usually just look away. Even 'sorry', a word that you tend to use many times a day is not really used here and I find it a bit difficult to cope. Not that the Danes are not friendly as most of them are, it is just an entirely different culture when it comes to friendliness in public. I have always admired one of my friends who is not afraid to ask people and talk in public places and after I have lived so many years abroad that has defintely improved for me. I hope that Little A will grow up with that as well.

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