Thursday, July 23, 2015


The last month I have been 'homeless' and lived in a suitcase so that's why the blog has been quiet. Next week I will finally move into our flat and get more settled. Although we haven't had a proper home since returning to Denmark most of my family have invited us into their homes. First I went to Jutland to stay in a summer house. I have always stayed there when I was younger so it felt great to be back. It is around a 5 hours drive from Copenhagen and it also feels miles away. Although most people have summer holiday it is still extremely quiet there and you often have the beach entirely to yourself. 

I only spent a week there but managed to be quite busy the whole week. We had M's family over for Skt Hans and enjoyed the evening by the fire, went back for a funeral, went to Århus and saw some of my family. So not the most relaxing week but we managed to relax a bit anyways and little A loved the beach and the big areas around the house. Coming from London, it was great to be away from all the pollution and all the people. I hope we can stay longer next time as a week in the summerhouse in Jutland is not enough.

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