Monday, August 10, 2015


After moving back home I have decided to get rid of a lot of my clothes and bags and buy new things once I found something I like. I already know that I want another Chanel bag but it will have to wait until I get a new job. So the plan is to find a job as soon as my maternity leave is over so I can get the Chanel bag I have been wanting for many years now.

I have sold a few things already but until now no one has been interested in my Alexander Wang bag. I bought it in New York and still really like it I just haven't used it as much as I had thought I would so have decided to give it up. With the second baby on the way there is plenty of things I could use the money for and our flat really needs a new sofa table as well. So if you are interested in this Alexander Wang bag please let me know.

Besides from trying to sell out a lot of my clothes I have been busy with hospital appointments. Luckily everything has been fine but it seems like something new comes along that I need to get checked for every week! Glad it will be over soon. Tomorrow I will be attending another hospital appointment and I'm hoping that will be the last before the Real deal. Speaking of that, it will be a whole new World once I have given birth. At least I hope so. I will be able to smell food without feeling sick, eating food without feeling sick and get back an appetite for food. I will also be able to walk, cycle, sit down and lie down without being in extreme pain and without feeling breathless. Although I will be in lack of sleep instead but it has been like that for the last few months as well so probably not a huge difference. But a huge difference will be fitting into all my clothes again, can't wait!

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