Thursday, August 20, 2015


With only around two weeks to go (perhaps even less!) I'm enjoying alone time as much as I can. In a few weeks there will be four of us instead of three and although it already feels very hectic being a family of three I will have to get used to being four and having close to no alone time. I thought this time round that I would have a bit more time to relax with a much longer maternity leave than the week I had last time, but I have been busy with too many hospital appointments, massage and acupuncture treatments and taking care of little A. I had hoped that my last test at the hospital would be the last before giving birth but unfortunately something new showed up. So I will start the day of next week like so many others I have had recently with spending a few hours at the hospital. 

Luckily the weather has been good for so many weeks so I have managed to go to the beach a bit and today I spent most of the day at the beach. M and little A joined me later so I managed to enjoy some alone time with a magazine and a smoothie. Not that I can drink a smoothie without feeling nauseous still, but I still try from time to time. I just hope that my lack of appetite and me feeling nauseous will go as soon as the baby is here. Not that everything will be fine from that day as there will probably be many, many nights without any sleeps, stressful days with a crying baby and pain after carrying a heavy baby for so long. At least that it was I felt last time, so I'm hoping this time will be much better so I can enjoy the first few months instead of the opposite. 

One thing I have found a bit difficult is having to cancel on birthday parties, plans with friends etc., but the last week I have had to prioritize my health and although I felt extremely guilty for not showing up as planned I know my friends will understand. I'm hoping that I will be able to have a relatively pain free birthday party with my friends this weekend. Although my body is ready to be as it used to be now I still want to have a little bit of time with just the three of us before that changes so tonight we had dinner at our local pizza restaurant after spending the afternoon at the beach. Yesterday my sister babysat and M and I had dinner at Cafe N on Nørrebro and on our way back home we stopped by our local sweets shop which has one of the biggest collection of sweets I have ever seen. 

Besides from counting down to the day the baby is here, I'm also counting down the days until the four of us will have a holiday - a long one - in Thailand. Until now our plan is to spend a few days in Bangkok, followed by nearly four weeks at Koh Chang where we will stay at a bungalow right on the beach and then a hotel right on the beach. I can really feel that not going away on holiday in September as we usually do is a bit tough, but instead I'm looking forward to winter and the worst month of all (usually) January. This January will be one of the best Januarys I have ever had (at least that is what I'm hoping for). Until then I will have to only dream of a holiday and getting used to our new life in a country we have always known so well, but which now feels entirely different than before we left it. 

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