Thursday, September 24, 2015


Tomorrow it is three weeks ago since little C came into my life and it already feels as if he has been with us for much longer. The first week with him was busy and a bit hectic with visits all day long but it has finally calmed down now and we can focus on being a family of four. On top of that we have all been sick and I'm still recovering. Not getting enough sleep is not helping on it. Luckily little C seems to sleep a bit mote than little A did so I hope that will continue. 

Besides from not being pregnant, which I hate more than anything, it is great to finally be able to eat and drink again without feeling sick. The first two weeks I still suffered from nausea, but as soon as it stopped at the end of last week I invited the whole family to afternoon tea at Tante T. Their tea is really good, but their scones with clotted cream is not at all like it is in the UK. So that afternoon I decided that we have to go back to London to taste better scones as soon as possible. We are only going for a few days now that we don't have anywhere to stay besides from a hotel. Travelling with children is much more expensive so we have limited options compared to what we used to have. 

I actually miss London much more than I thought I would. I miss simple everyday things like walking down Kensington High Street with little A, getting a smoothie from Costa, enjoying the weather in Holland Park, meeting up with other moms and having playdates, going into Whole Foods and Boots etc. Nothing is the same here in Denmark. I know I still haven't settled yet, but although we live right in the center it doesn't feel like it. Hope with time that I become more used to it. At least it is good to have family and friends close by as they are always so helpful when you need it the most. I can't wait to we are going over to London in two months time and I will be over a lot after that too.

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