Friday, September 4, 2015


My birthday last week was one of the most relaxed days I have had in a long time. It is always a little stressful to celebrate birthdays even though it is just your closest family. I was supposed to have my family over in the afternoon but instead I changed the day so I had a little more time to prepare the food. I was also supposed to go out with M, but little A didn't feel well enough to go to nursery so she had to come along. We had brunch with bubbles at cafe Dan Tyrell, which wasn't the best brunch I have had, but it was still really good. After having brunch I went straight to have a massage. I think that might be a new birthday tradition, can really recommend it. Little A also had a 4 hour nap so I managed to nap as well and had dinner from Sticks n'sushi in the evening. My new favorite pudding is definitely their creme brulee.

One of my birthday presents was 'The Detox Kitchen Bible' that my friend who lives in London gave me. She has been to their cafe in Covent Garden and next time I'm over in London I don't want to miss out on trying their food. Their book is worth a read and I can't wait to try out all their recipes. I just hope I can get most of the ingredients here in Copenhagen. My plan is to have a weekly dinner with my sister where we each share turns in making one of their dishes. I still have another present left from a friend which also is a healthy cook book from London. So I will be busy trying out loads of healthy dishes as soon as I can eat normal food again.

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