Monday, September 28, 2015


I don't remember the Autumn in Denmark has ever been that good. In London it is often still warm and sunny in September and it is now the same here in Copenhagen. This weekend I first went to Frederiksberg Have where I relaxed in the sun eating a Danish hotdog. It's funny what you miss when you move abroad, food I never really used to eat before I moved to London is now food that I feel I need to have. On my way home from the park I met one of my childhood friends that have also just moved back from the UK. It is funny how much closer you feel to friends that have also lived abroad and come back to Denmark, they really understand everything you go trough both when you live abroad and miss home and the other way around. Like today when I saw a girl with a coffee in her hand which looked like a coffee cup from Pret a Porter and where I instantly missed going to Pret for a ginger beer, mango bites with lime and my favorite smoothie. I keep getting surprised on missing things I never thought I would miss that much. I guess that just reminds me of my home in the UK and I still don't feel entirely at home here yet.

On Sunday I went to another park HC Ørsted's Park and met up with my sister and her boyfriend. We played basketball in the sun while little A had fun and little C slept like a prince in his bugaboo. Today our plan was to go and get that soft ice I haven't been able to eat while being pregnant with nausea but instead realised that my favorite ice cream place was closed for the winter. I even went to the gym and burned of enough calories to not feel guilty when eating it so instead I decided to go for Paradis ice cream although it wasn't the same. At least little A didn't seem to mind, as long as it is ice cream she can eat anything. It's probably good that winter is around the corner and all the ice cream places will shut. Instead I will be enjoying the parks in Copenhagen with something healthy in my hands and not the weekly ice cream. 

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