Saturday, October 10, 2015


I have never bought that little clothes as I have this year; for myself that is, little A has enough clothes and I love to dress her up in clothes that suits her. On the day that I was about to give birth a few weeks ago I managed to get a hold of some black Toga boots half price, and the person I was going to buy them from actually came to the hospital so I could buy them from her. It took my mind of the contractions and it is always nice to buy something to yourself as a reward when something big like giving birth happens. I would have preferred a new Chanel bag but with my current situation that would have to wait.

Last week I also bought an Iro dress from my friend which meant I managed to get a brand new dress very cheap. It's great to have friends who sometimes sell out from their closet when I can't afford to buy what I really want. I had a birthday party to go to last weekend and although I only stayed a few hours it was great to be out that early compared to when I had little A. Little C is still only five weeks and I have managed to go to the cinema twice, to the gym more than a handful and to one party. Although some people say that you forget how bad you felt as pregnant, not a day goes by without me thinking how great it is not to feel nauseous anymore. I hope I never have to go through that again.

The weather has finally changed in Copenhagen and I already feel like I need to wear my winter coat, it is as cold now as it sometimes is in January in London. Or a least it feels like it. In around a month I will be back in London and although I don't miss the rain I miss everything else. So until I go back I will try to enjoy my new home back home in Copenhagen.

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