Monday, October 19, 2015



Last week was again a really busy week. Although I should be relaxing a bit as little C is still only a few weeks old there is not much time for it as we seem to have visitors a lot. Today I had a day where I didn't have too many plans and I managed to go shopping around my local neighbourhood. One of my favourite streets for shopping both for my home and for clothes is around Vaernedamsvej and Gammel Kongevej and it is great to live so close by.

Yesterday I introduced little A to Tivoli which is practically on our doorstep. It is a long time since I have seen her that happy. She even went on several rides and I had to nearly drag her home as she didn't want to leave. We ended the day with hot cocoa and an ice cream. She still talks about it today so I think we have to go back for Christmas again. Usually on Mondays she can be a little moody but not today. She made dinner with us without throwing it all on the floor so there has definitely been a huge progress. Hopefully the terrible 2's are beginning to fade off.

This week is another busy one as I have plans with both friends and family nearly every day. One of the days I'm going to a 'switch clothes day' at one of my friend's where we basically switch clothes with each other that we don't use anymore so I hope to get rid of some clothes and instead get something new. Haven't bought much new clothes in ages so it is a good way of getting something new. Next month in London I hope to be buying a little bit of clothes in Kooples or perhaps a lot if little A and little C don't grow out of their clothes in the meantime.

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