Monday, May 23, 2016


Before heading off to Thailand for a month I went 'back home' to London. At that time London still felt more than a home than my home in Copenhagen. It is also the first time I have lived for 2.5 years at the same place since I was eight years old. On top of that it was little A's first home so although there were many things wrong with the flat it was also a home. I especially miss the area a lot, Kensington is a bit nicer than living in the red light district in Copenhagen. Although it is a hip place to live and really central, I could never really get used to living so close to a rough area.

Although I had a really busy schedule seeing all little A's friends, my friends and shopping for tea and other things I miss from Whole Foods it was great to be back. I wished we could have stayed for longer so we didn't have to be so busy but perhaps next time that might be the case. I wonder how long it will be before it doesn't feel like my home there. I have just been back last month and it still felt the same. I know that it probably wouldn't be the same still living there as so many things have changed and most of the people I know have moved away from London. I think that London, not for everyone, but for many, is a place you go to for a few years before moving on. Although I have physical moving London will always have a piece of my heart. And a piece of little A. She is luckily continuing on her English with being at an international Montessori preschool. I hope she will always remember where she was born and raised for the first few years of her life. As one of my neighbours said to me today 'it will forever be a gift that she is able to speak English'. I completely agree and hope that the little part of London and the UK will always stay with her.

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