Sunday, May 22, 2016


These pictures might look amazing, but I must admit it was even prettier in real life. Spending a month in Thailand while on maternity leave is one of the best things I have done. We didn't plan much from back home, besides from figuring out which island to go to after spending a few days in Bangkok, and I did also book our hotels. I did a lot of research and several times I was close to changing the location of the island we wanted to go to. I even had some advice from a blogger who spent 15 months traveling with four children in Asia and she recommended another island from the island we were going to go to. But everywhere else I looked, the hotels were more expensive to what you got. So in the end we decided to go to Koh Chang as we also originally had planned. Every where I looked the island looked less crowded than other islands in Thailand. And January is peak season so I'm glad we booked as everywhere was fully booked. Especially by Chinese tourists. They don't have any self discipline when seeing small children. They often took photos of both A and C and I now know how celebrities must feel. They had the whole family, even their old grandmom to pose next to them and would pose it straight away to their Chinese facebook.

We managed to rent out our flat and we lived like royals on our normal food budget. The hotel we stayed at in Bangkok was a bit outdated, but it was more than big enough for the four of us. We had a pool rooftop and breakfast was at the 43rd floor. After spending 3 days in Bangkok we got on the bus to go to Koh Chang. We spent the first 12 nights at a jungle hotel called Ramyana. It is definitely one of the best hotels I have ever stayed at. The only downside was the location as the beach was a bit away but the hotel had a taxi service taking us to the beach. The staff were great and little A and C were treated as royals. Although that is mainly the way they treat children everywhere in Thailand. Little A got so used to people approaching her that as soon as we left the plane on our way home she took the confidence with her. Sadly children in Denmark are treated differently so she has sort of forgot how to be a 'royalty'.

The next 12 days we stayed at a beach resort being practically on the beach. It was great being that close to the beach, besides from the few days it stormed like crazy and we had to stay inside a whole day in order not to be blown away. The location was so much better than the last hotel being closer to restaurants. The only downside was that there were too many Danish people there and that our hotel room one day was occupied by the biggest cockroach I have ever seen. Luckily it was dead and I didn't see any after that.

We didn't go on many trips and I would have loved to go on boat trips around all the other islands nearby, but with two little ones that would have to wait. Another reason for coming back in the near future.

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