Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Although summer is my favourite time of the year, there is nothing like Christmas time where it is cold outside, but also dark and cozy. It feel ages away as I'm now sitting in a warm flat after a long day at the beach. I have only been away two times during Christmas in my life, one time when I lived in Seattle for a year, and another time when little A was little and we lived in London.

I live really close to the lakes and all year round it is my favourite place to go for a walk. During summer I often buy take away pizza and sit in the sunny side and during winter it's great to just have little A burn of some energy. I'm sure by winter time little C will be doing the same. Right now I'm just enjoying the little time there is left before little C is all over the place. One of my friends asked me yesterday if I could really go to the beach and enjoy an afternoon alone with little A and C. If it wasn't too much work. Since I was little I have always loved going to the beach at summer and I want my children to grow up like that. As long as they both like it I don't see a lot of extra work in taking them to the beach instead of for instance taking them to the park. As it is now it is fairly easy. Little A loves playing in the sand and little C just enjoys everything around him and he is also good at napping in the shade. The only thing I could wish for was living closer to the beach. Hopefully sometime this winter or by next summer we would have a second home right by the beach. Until then I will enjoy the summer because before I know it, it will be winter again.

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