Wednesday, June 15, 2016


For years M and I have talked about having a summerhouse by the sea. Although summer in Denmark is short, when it is there it is fantastic. I would have loved to live in a warm country, but I think that living in a country with a short summer you appreciate it much more than you would have when summers are always good. 

The last few weekends I have been away with friends enjoying the seaside of both Denmark and Sweden. This weekend I went to my friend's summerhouse and although I have recently been to that area and weren't sure that is where I wanted to look for a holiday home I completely changed my mind. Perhaps it was also due to the weather and that the house we were in where set in an idyllic spot on top of a hill overlooking quiet fields and a lake. I have tried to search for similar spots nearby, but they are probably really hard to find. Our dream would definitely be to own something at a similar spot. It doesn't need to be a new house, we can always change that with time as long as it is in a nice spot close to the beach. Most of the beaches there are wide and long sand beaches which would be ideal for little A and little C. Hopefully this time next year we will be able to enjoy our own little holiday home. Or even before as the plan is to use it at weekends during winter as well. Until then I have the next few weekends booked up with going to summerhouses around Denmark visiting family and friends.