Wednesday, July 13, 2016


I have not been to many spa hotels in my life, but the ones I have been to have always been really good. I must admit that Skansen is most definitely my favourite. The last time I was there was on a weekday in November and although it was less crowded than it was this time in May it was still perfect. They do some great deals for a Spa day either with your friends or your partner. I didn't stay there this time, but I wished I would have as it would have made the experience of a spa day even greater. Both this time and last I had a three course dinner and a brunch, and I love their food! After having two children you can't spend your 'alone' time a better place than this. Båstad is also the greatest little fisher village. The first time I went there was a warm September day many years ago when I was out sailing with my dad. We stopped for the day and I remember it as being idyllic and peaceful. Even the ordinary stop to ICA to buy Kanelbuller was like being on a perfect holiday far far away. After that, it wasn't until last summer that I was back again when I was visiting my dad's summer house close by. It was the warmest weekend of the year (and nearly the only one that summer!) and although the beach was crowded Båstad still had that Swedish summerly feeling you don't always experience elsewhere.

This time Båstad seemed even more idyllic as it was still out of season and the weather was sunny and warm, but not too warm. Sunday morning we had the entire beach to ourselves and managed to spend a few hours suntanning after our delicious brunch and before heading back. I always stop by ICA to buy Kanelbuller and Godis. Sweden is much more advanced than Denmark on some parts of food in the supermarket so it is always interesting to see what they have. I have also thought about going to other places in Sweden for SPA such as Ystad, but at the same time I might want to go back to Skansen than to try something new. I'm secretly hoping that someone might also invite me for a SPA there in the near future.

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